Wagner, Das Rheingold (Nashville Opera, 2022) | Renée Tatum
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Wagner, Das Rheingold (Nashville Opera, 2022)

Renee Tatum (Fricka) and Lester Lynch (Wotan). Photo Credit: Anthony Popolo.

The realm of the gods brought further luminaries with the introduction of mezzo-soprano Renee Tatum’s deliciously sung Fricka. Having put us on notice last November through her starry portrayal of Cornelia in The Atlanta Opera’s production of Handel’s Giulio Cesare, Ms. Tatum distinguished her reading of Valhalla’s desperate housewife through large scale singing. What was heard in Atlanta was no accident, and here once again was a firm, healthy mezzo-soprano distinguished by an even scale and firmness tone. She was faithful to Wagner’s musical demands, and her instrument will frown, flinch, beseech and demand at will.

Daniel Vasquez, New Outpost
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Nashville Opera performs at Belmont University

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